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tv   News  RT  December 24, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EST

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the week's top stories from the u.s. but isolated as the vast majority of nations voted against president decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the move almost daily clashes in the region . the situation has. extremely volatile. visit to russia for the first time as the british foreign secretary. try to break. a bit of russian. very much so good you general. hospital with. me. today. the pentagon has admitted that the u.s. has conducted a full scale military operations in yemen as the humanitarian crisis. you're
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watching the. back of what's been happening over the last seven days as reported right here and jerusalem still very much dominating the news throughout the week on thursday the u.s. was dealt a strong rebuke by members of the united nations over its unilateral recognition of the city of the city of jerusalem as israel's capital one hundred twenty eight states defied president trump over the status of the divided city despite pressure and threats from u.s. officials. when we make a decision about where to locate our embassy we don't expect those we've helped to target turns on thursday they'll be a vote criticizing our choice the us will be taking names.
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they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes let us vote against us will save a lot. of those in favor of the draft resolution please raise your hand. for. those against. team foods in favor one vote against the united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation america will put our embassy in jerusalem no vote in the united nations will make any difference somebody will now take a decision. about the use of the deed to
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obstruct to the security council and made unable to perform his duties and do dead kids a work of the international community it is considered a blatant violation of the rights of funds to new people must be resolved through negotiation between the two parties are un members very threatening all the other members this is bullying and this john boehner will not bow to the road out.
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now even countries which often clash on major issues join forces to condemn the u.s. move on jerusalem rivals like saudi arabia and iran and also india and pakistan came together at the general assembly and some of the geo political experts we heard from say america's bullying tactics undermine the un think it's unfortunate that the united states finds itself under this kind of leadership which is undermining the standing of this country internationally if countries acquiesce to the us and if they accept being punching bag for the american administration and voting in accordance with directives from nikki haley then what's the point of having the united nations i think we all know. the new era in which a major. resort to blackmail and drive greed order to secure votes
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in the general assembly but this is the first occasion on which the state to create a major. member of the security council has resorted to such misreads i do think that it will be good to or believe the united states were to carry through threats of this kind because they are called indicators traits in future situations or give to a greater great studio if you state they do so very wrong and they still being felt in the palestinian territories with clashes in gaza and the west bank for the third week in a row. try to follow the. rules the are. they have. was
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a good idea. in public places but what about it. was. hard to shoot at the polls next from our middle east correspondent paula slater in the west bank and gaza journalist and both witnessed just how tense the situation is being. the situation has an extremely was no. grace because i've been running down the road now. coaches have made their way to dry since he told them. my last time a final someone a citizen firing gas and everybody's been running amok since our rich and. the soldiers want to you know to yes that's. all the way into the fight but.
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you can tell the ambulances so they certainly will be the sheep who has been in. and at the same time we just may come i know this is a backwoods hossam house exactly what. we've taken from so we've taken cover. in a petrol station. situation when thomas how can a man who was picked. up. oh and. we're standing right over here you can see this is a number of injured people you can see the incense god fearing people with them you can see be afraid his hands to which in the last few minutes just made their way from off the road and now seems to be the crossing also from allah but they really have the all the way in how.
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are. today's day of rage that has been called for by various palestinian factions is well and truly underway there are youngsters who have been here for the better part of the last hour who feel holing rocks and pavements at these waiting soldiers who speaks only been inching their way closer they've been filing tear gas in the stomach silently still quite a strong smell of tear gas that is hanging over us. the protesters and demonstrators coming here today for the third friday raids and this friday was different other than the two fridays people were very close to the fence this time and the piece of very important leader act and polluted shin's and activist owen joining the civilians there during the protests as you see there are
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at least five ambulances waiting for any injury and ready to pick them up there are still hundreds of them protesters as you can hear we can hear a lot of bullets i think there's another another injury right now and there are actually throwing gas bombs on the demonstrators as you can see despite all of the blood of bullets despite all the gas bombs despite all the rebel bullets by listening protesters what they're saying gods are the west bank already jerusalem are separate testing are still. demonstrating people are still expressing their anger. boris johnson was in moscow on friday for his first visit in his role as britain's foreign secretary that the trip comes with relations between the two countries at historic low you need to tranq was following boris johnson's meeting with his russian counterpart. well we hadn't seen a u.k. foreign secretary in moscow for five years and i can tell you that i hadn't seen
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such a remarkable press conference at the foreign ministry villa behind me for a long time there were many jokes many ways to poke each other not necessarily in a bad way after listing all the essential topics that are usual for such talks ranging from north korea to ukraine russia and the theories that it meddled with us and the votes all around the world and the u.k. as well came up once before just to remind you the foreign secretary boris johnson said that he hadn't seen any evidence of russian interference he even used the words not a sausage well mr johnson seems to have changed his mind today he said that he hadn't seen any evidence of successful attempts to interfere and i asked boris johnson to elaborate on that a little bit there was a mass on the free abundant evidence of russian interference in the elections in.
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germany. from. america but as i say there is new evidence of any successful russian interference. in the u.k. other highlights of the press conference included boris johnson speaking russian a few times saying that he has committed to fall in response to another question by me the u.k. foreign secretary confirmed that once he was in tehran a couple. to go he visited the russian embassy secretly to see the venue of the famous tehran clock friends during the second world war he was also asked about moscow travel advice that he received from one of the british m.p.'s which included warnings about drinking challenge games and honey traps and many other things so the question was about trust and the question was about whether he had encountered
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any of these threats so far in the russian capital. but i want you to know it's a measure of my of my trust. to soon as i go to into this exit for a loose try mediately handed my coach my hat my gloves i mean everything that was in my pocket secret or otherwise to sergei lavrov in the knowledge that he would look after it. would come to no harm more than just a few times boris johnson reminded of the differences in the views that london and moscow have on various international issues it seemed that he really felt it was essential to keep talking about this every time he said something positive about russia but at the end of the day the common message was from both top diplomats that dialogue needs to prevail during that joint news conference with foreign minister lavrov boris johnson also tried out his russian language skills.
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a russian foreign and a committee process on. the diplomatic relationship that is hundred fifty years old and dates from the time when the queen elizabeth sent an envoy to the terrible right in the front. i'm certain that i'm the first foreign secretary in the history of my own. because for its. customers as i said earlier only buying. produce things from chris to. somebody is just give me a. good around. you to do that i guess that's the fs. so when it comes to trust i trust poorest and trust him so much i'm ready to go
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forward with. the peace. thank you very much so get your general should you also tell that you will. keep the dates. the british foreign secretary also visited red square as well as central moscow landmarks in his team laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier second world war memorial next to the kremlin during the war of course britain and the soviet union for together against nazi germany writer and broadcaster very to jet ski things johnson's visit will bring positive results with time. you can see maybe some glimmer of hope on the horizon just in terms of the sort of growing report that the sing to be at that meeting between boris johnson and sergei lavrov but i also think that anything that is anything positive that's going to come out of that seriously positive will only emerge in time i think boris johnson is going to come
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back to london he's going to say you know i really put it to the russians i didn't give an inch. and then it will be with time that we'll see those use another maybe we'll have a reciprocal visit and maybe just maybe things will start to unfreeze but then you know i'm an optimist and we're coming up to new year so here's hoping. the pentagon has admitted carrying out multiple military operations in yemen the details on that when the week after the break. is a civilization just a tiny bit more advanced than we are that they can already pick up jerry springer or any other sitcoms interview shows the nightly news they see what we're doing to our planet you know it isn't really a very pretty picture and so in addition to sending this chaotic messages that we
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use to communicate with one another we want to send a clear signal to the extraterrestrial but there's also some rationality on the world. level blogs telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles going. to new socks for the tell you that would be chaos if the tabloids were files of those reporters. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our good watch. welcome back to the weekly the pentagon admitted on wednesday that it's been conducting full scale military operations in yemen this year the revelations came
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in a statement by u.s. central command. u.s. forces have conducted multiple ground operations in more than one hundred twenty strikes in twenty seventeen to remove key leaders and disrupt the ability of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and ices in yemen to use ungoverned spaces in yemen as a hub for terrorist recruiting training and base of operations to export terror worldwide yemen's already been enduring deadly air strikes from the saudi led coalition since it intervened in early twenty fifteen backing the yemeni government against a healthy rebel uprising in that time more than ten thousand people are full have died countless others have been injured and with survivors ensuring what the u.n. calls a humanitarian catastrophe. have them up movies destroyed everything around and even in the neighboring villages we
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can rely only on point people when they see us drinking water tankers but one or two tankers is not enough even for the ten families. were living happily inherit in the south the air strikes began there. but no one helped us here you see we heard no the mattresses no milk of the children. next daniel hawkins has the broader picture on what's happening inside. a tripling of airstrike numbers from twenty six the official confirmation of boots on the ground something many politicians have been keen to avoid mentioning to avoid bad publicity with the yemeni conflict raging for nearly three years now and spotting
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two u.s. administrations american policy. has some more devolved since the first days of the war what we need to do is bring all the parties together and find a political arrangement it is not solved by having another proxy war fought inside of yemen now aside from massive arms sales to saudi arabia what began as logistical support and intelligence sharing as part of the saudi led coalition moved to supporting combat operations in an advise and assist role drone of planes strikes now multiple ground operations the military involvement may have good intents on the surface comments in the sport of to harvest groups stabilizing a war torn country but as involvement has escalated the presence of terror groups has actually expanded our side from the irony targeting militants allegedly allied to the saudi backed militias there's the question of a vicious circle air strikes and other military involvement in the region has led
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to terror groups capitalizing on precisely those sentiments among the populace which lead to heightened recruitment and support for jihadism just remember libya and syria and this actually comes from none other than members of the u.s. congress the civil war inside yemen has aided the enemies for which we actually have declared war against al-qaeda is getting stronger inside yemen because as more and more of the country becomes becomes ungovernable because of this war al qaeda is moving into that territory isis against which we have not declared war but we are engaged in active military activity in the region against is getting stronger inside yemen two of these problems don't even touch upon the catastrophic humanitarian situation described by n.g.o.s as the worst in the world with massive million casualties famine and cholera spreading in the country. pro independence parties in the spanish region of catalonia secured their majority
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in thursday's snap election it dealt a serious blow to the central government in. which had hoped to diffuse the independence crisis having denounced october's referendum and sacking local leaders now though the deposed former president is hailing another win i want to congratulate the catalan people because they have sent a message to the world catalan republic has beaten the monarchy and article one fifty five despite his state has been beaten. so i think rightly so. that the next morning that many of these more. well here's how the results are reflected in the cattle on parliament pro independence parties have taken seventy of the one hundred thirty five seats available the prohibiting honest citizens party won the election by a small margin in terms of vote share that is but it's not enough to form a coalition capable of taking power the results left the spanish prime minister clearly disappointed last year we those who want to show you didn't get enough.
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here at least don't don't know who did not come from two should still think it's a lunatic or about it back in october madrid's rejection of the catalan independence referendum was not only characterized by political pressure but also the use of police force against voters which left up to a thousand injured. so did people fighting and not and this is not the first three people that they sold to the earth and taken from here by ambulance so it is ripping from the early hours
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of the morning it seems to be escalating the madrid government and the madrid media paradis have gone through all of the tools in their tool box they've used violence they used media demonisation they tried to ban the color yellow they tried to go after the cattle and autonomous t.v. stations simply for calling people. calling the president a president acts i don't and i don't know what other tools they have left just by trying to use all of these tools the independent to support it's an extraordinary moment for democracy you're. right that's it for now if you want to feed back home money out of all stories then just look us up on facebook and twitter this is our international credit owens got your next edition of the we can about thirty five.
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oh. come on snow we're going. to come in your stupid twenty nine. thousand. feast i'll call my senior in to pick up the saw in the fall colors council. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the
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passion from the fans it's the age of the superman kill the narrowness and spending to get to twenty million one playa. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so one more chance with. the thinks it's going to.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart with less than two months to go until the peeling china lympics the participation of athletes from russia remains shrouded in controversy that mission criteria have been sad the international olympic committee has drawn up a whole manual on how the sporting uniforms should look like but what awaits the russian ellyn p.m.'s in south korea and most importantly after to discuss that i'm now joined by the champs russia strip will jump gold medalist at the ninety nine to five world indoor championship in barcelona. it's great to talk to you thank you very much for your time. first of all let's talk about the latest developments off
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the international paralympic committee said it was maintaining its suspension of the russian paralympic committee to make the final decision on whether the russians can compete against twenty winter games in january but i think it's called this little paralympic athletes are going to talk the situation then it's from russia's can spot why do you think that just shouldn't they be treated in the same ways since one top human or the world anti-doping agency reports thought of the whole thing where do these differences in conclusions and policies come from the way agree the treatment is very different and as you remember our paralympic athletes were banned from the rio games which is very strange because team russia competed in the olympics well but without the track and field athletes you see the video but for some reason our paralympic athletes have to deal with very harsh requirements and that's all i can parrot dance and other sports when the russians were banned or stripped of their medals those that the it goes without. saying that it is simply
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inhumane these people have already suffered enough because of their life circumstances and now they have to face even more trials with the sanctions that it is but that it was. at the post it is just inhumane clearly people who do such things have no god in their hearts and law abiding i have no explanation for this but my guess is that they are threatened by russian athletes especially in track and field and in winter sports as well the russian paralympic athletes are in a higher category they have more experience and they deliver better results than paralympic teams from other countries on. board and if so there is probably pressure on the international paralympic committee because the russians simply win too many medals more than in the regular olympic that's not in one basket maybe that's the reason it wasn't a yes you know i've heard comments from foreign paralympic athletes but in a piece of any on the old south they don't even understand the current guidelines
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because of course have to be sick with disabilities who are on some kind of american including the ones that they used to treat their condition let's put it this way the mckinney cine what do you save there are clear criteria for what is considered performance enhancing drug store you what's allowed and who is allowed to take parents always use their any kind of clarity eric ripert. with michael he should know there is no clarity there has never been any clarity on the issue and there will be no clarity but that was the space that you know for everybody who watches our program. they can find a list of performance enhancing drugs online than they did with the war and it will drive them crazy more than a national but they're courting to the slowest is that every living person should be disqualified forever but if they sue nothing is a lot. all your regular medical drugs are on the list for nasal draw so. they will
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get you several months of disqualification conies to die radix to a wrist medications etc the fact that it's a huge list that has over twenty thousand drugs on it it is up salute lee impossible to figure it out no athlete knows it by heart in spite of course there are team doctors who take care of it and try to make sure that there are no violations. at the fitting about the situation is getting worse every year. because if you're familiar with the issues you know the pharmaceutical drugs may have the same active ingredient that should be just thirty million different brand names of you who should know all these drugs keep being added to the list. of most of the students the very sickly people can take anything right yes it is impossible to figure it out so benign and athletes are stuck you knew that because they're not allowed to take any medications actual performance enhancers stimulants and on a bowl of steroids make up just a.


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